Shipping methods


Our company cooperates with Speedex Courier for product deliveries throughout Greece. Delivery of shipments is immediate (usually within 1-2 days). In case your area is characterized as inaccessible, the delivery time is 2-3 working days and you are not charged with additional shipping costs.

What delivery options do I have?

1) Delivery to your place within 24-72 hours
You receive your order through the courier company (Speedex). In case you have stated your mobile phone number, you receive an informative sms, the day the shipment is at the last station before delivery.
Please be on site at the agreed time for your best and most immediate service. In case you are absent and the courier passes by, he will leave you a note stating your parcel number and the phone number you should call to arrange for the receipt.

2) Collection from our stores

By submitting the order number (sent to you via e-mail or given to you by phone by us) or simply by your name, you receive your order daily from our store in Argyroupoli (127 Alimou Ave.) or in Nea Erithraia (2 Pentelis & Char. Trikoupi).

Shipping charges

1) For orders over 70 EURO, delivery is free for all of Greece.
2) For orders under 69.99 € EURO, the charge for delivery is 3 EURO for all of Greece.

Who can sign for receipt?

Your order can also be skipped by a third party. Upon delivery of the order, a certificate of identity and a signature of the receipt will be requested from the carrier.

What happens if they do not find me?

In case you are absent and the cooperating courier company passes:
you will receive a sms notification if you have stated your mobile phone number or they will leave you a notification note and your order will be placed for delivery again the next working day.